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Quality and Affordable Laboratory Testing

Biomed Innova is a cGMP/GLP FDA registered laboratory/CRO, including DEA License.  We are dedicated to providing product formulation, chemistry development, testing needsmicrobiology testing, in vitro and in vivo studies, and supporting innovative life science at affordable prices.  


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Preclinical Testing/Studies

Biomed Innova is a one stop CRO which can help in critically important preclinical studies (in vitro and in vivo) for various drug/ drugs formulations from concept to IND application.

Biomed Innova can provide a platform to perform, manage, analyze and make recommendations for a broad range of in vitro assays, in vitro/vivo imaging (confocal/IVIS /MRI imaging), flow cytometry, and different animal models including a mice model for transdermal delivery, tumor models (both subcutaneous/orthotopic) and transgenic mice model.

Our experienced scientists not only provide high quality in vivo efficacy, PK/PD, and toxicity studies in different animal models, but also provide in-depth analysis along a broad range of end points.

Clinical Studies

Through Biomed Innova’s strong partnership with Albany Medical College (AMC), we can provide a platform for a broad range of clinical studies.


About Us

Our team of experienced scientists will meet and exceed your laboratory testing and research needs.

It is important in today’s environment to be prepared to meet rigorous quality standards. Biomed Innova will exceed your expectations with comprehensive testing, research and training methodologies built from years of hands-on experience.

'We worked with the scientists at Biomed Innova to create a novel formulation to test a new medication for the treatment of rosacea. This formulation is ready for clinical trials, potentially improving the life of millions of patients. We are still collaborating with the excellent team at Biomed Innova to perform testing that is beyond our abilities.'

Alex Adam, PhD

Co-founder, Praxis Biotechnology, Inc.

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